Life Is All About What You Focus On

Let’s play a game. Ready? No matter where you are sitting or standing, look around you and catch as many red stuffs as you can. They can be in any format, shape, size, or smell. You got all of them? Now, close your eyes and try to remember how many green stuffs are around you. Usually I do this game face to face, it’s more fun and shocking that way. Now, you get my point? Life is all about what you are focus on, because wherever you spend your time, energy, and emphasis on, it grows and germinates. For instance, when you focus on or think of what you don’t have, how bad the life is, how stressful you are, how shitty the job and the boss are, and all other negatives, all those areas will grow because you are giving your attention and energy on those.

You might ask “What should I do? I can’t help it. My thoughts always go there.” The answer is easy, switch your focus and attention. Be aware of your thoughts and then practice, practice and practice to switch to what you want instead of what you don’t want, to what you have instead of what you don’t have, to what makes you happy instead of what makes you unhappy. It is NOT GOING TO BE EASY, because our brain is made to protect us and seek danger so we can be safe and not be killed. But if you truly want to be healthy mentally and emotionally or you want to see some differences or changes in your life, you need to practice this in order to change to way you think.

Takeaways: Focus and pay attention to what you want instead of what you don’t want. Your energy, attitude, mood, and action will change with you.

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