What Do I Do With Mistakes, Failures, And Setbacks? (Lesson 3 From Seth Godin)

The answer is simple, you laugh at it, learn from it, move on, and do it again!

We all have played different types of games whether they are video games, board games, or any face-to-face type of interactions. What do you do when you lost the game? I hope you don’t take it very personally, get mad, or yell at someone. Instead, you play it again and again with joy without being locked up in the intense fear that you are going to lose again because that’s the best way to be better at the game! Sadly when it comes down to real life situation, the fear of failure is so strong that has prevented us to experience life freely. Nowadays people’s ego are stronger than ever before that everything is about me, me, me. That is why we take everything around us super personally as well. Imagine if there is no ME, but only the life experience. Would you still care about making any mistakes? Would you still be afraid about losing your face, failing and being judged by others? I would say learn from other’s mistakes and make your own mistakes are the best way to learn (discover yourself and others) and grow.

Seth mentioned the concept of raising free-range kids, which means teaching kids to fail at solving interesting problems because that’s the only way you ever get good at solving interesting problems. Another interview of a female entrepreneur mentioned that every day coming back from school, her dad would ask her about how many mistakes she has made instead of how many As she has received on the test/homework. How interesting, isn’t it? If the education system and parenting style change from punishing to educating when kids made a mistake, we will have many more explorers and achievers.

Takeaways: Making mistakes and learning from other’s mistakes are the best ways to learn and grow. Be mindful, be present, breathe, and say, “that’s interesting” when you fail or make a mistake, and then do it again.

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