What Is The Most Important Thing In Life and How Do You Want To Live It?

We get up, eat, go to work, eat and then go to bed. The next day we will also get up, eat, go to work, eat, and then go to bed. The day after we will repeat doing the same thing, so as the day after that day. The majority of us is constantly running around and feeling busy and stressed all the time. As our lives have become better and better, we want more and more because we think we deserve more. How often do you stop or pause for a moment and ask yourself these questions: What am I really chasing and busying for? What is really driving me forward? What do I care about the most? What is the most important thing to me?

I have seen many people’s lives are driven by money, status, power, control, liking by others, retirement plan, concerns about the future, etc. Don’t forget, you are the designer of your life picture, you are in control of making it however you like. Is what you are chasing for really matter or you actually want to spend more time on something else that you care? Overall, I think life should not be driven by fear and worry, but love and passion. Think about the things and the people that make you feel happy, comfortable, at peace and alive. When was the last time did you do those things and spend your time with those people? How your life look like and feel like depends on where you focus your time and energy on, as well as all the decisions you make on a daily basis. None of us can change what had happened, but we can decide what to do next and take full responsibility on all of our future decisions.

Takeaways: Practice to pause periodically to think about what is more important to you, which helps you release stress and refocus on what you want in life. Practice to appreciate what you already have instead of driven by greediness and eager. Let go of what had already happened and take full responsibility of your future decisions.

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