What Are Truly Stopping You From Getting the Life and Relationship You Want?

You mindset –> what you believe about yourself (capability) –> negative voice that are speaking to you on a daily basis –> your comfort zone and your patternsĀ 

We often believe what we have done, experienced, taught, and told define who we are, self-definition. Unfortunately, that is not true. Do you know you can do things that you have never done before every single day to redefine yourself and give your brain a new you? Do you know you are in control of getting out of your comfort zone and being familiar with new situations and challenges? Many people say they logically know the stuff and what they should do, but they have a hard time really making those happen. How to have a true self-breakthrough?

1) Be aware of your patterns and the negative voices that are speaking to you when challenges and self-doubt come up.

2) Replace the negative voice with positive and encouraged voice to tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU CAN DO THIS and YOU ARE CAPABLE.

3) Be brave and responsible for yourself to TAKE ACTIONS

4) Replace the way you look at FAILURE to PRACTICE. Tell yourself it is OK to fail and everything is a practice to make you better and stronger than yesterday.

I’m here to challenge you to say and do what you don’t feel comfortable saying and doing. We have heard enough blame, shame, critiques, discouragements, comparisons since we were young. That is why we have stored a huge amount of negative voices in our brain from people who we have encountered for 30, 40, 50 years. The more you focus on what you want, the more positive and encouraging voice you say to yourself, the more actions you take, the more confident you will become and the more you will achieve in life.

Takeaways: Your mindset, beliefs, patterns, and negative voice are stopping you from getting what you want in life. Stop living your life with excuses, start practicing what you truly want so you will get used to it and be better at it. Out-beat the negative voice in your head. Change yourself so you can change your life.

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