You Have No Idea How Special, Unique, Rarity, Priceless, Fabulous, Un-replaceable, and Amazing You Are

Ready to do an exercise with me together? Don’t look at the two pictures below. Have a paper and a pen ready, you can either do this by yourself or with a group of friends. Now, put “happiness” in the center of the paper, and then come up with 8 words/short phrases to describe what “happiness” means to you or the things/people/pictures that come to your mind. Don’t stop until you have finished all of them. After you are done, check out the first picture below and find the exact words you and I have the same. Leave a comment below to let me know. 🙂

Researchers have done this exercise thousand times with groups of three or above. The more people in the group the less likely everyone has one word in common. We are all responding to the same word “happiness”, but how come none of our words or phrases are the same? This is because we all have our unique experience of the world, we sense things differently, we have different memories and definitions of happiness. If you like the exercise, feel free to do another one–“success” and then check out my answer. Now you know how special you are? There is only one YOU in the entire world, even though school, company, and society are trying to make us all the same and shame/blame us when we are not. I’m here to remind you how unique and special you are because no one sees the world the same as you are. Find out what’s important to you, continue to learn about yourself, and create and experience the life you want.

Takeaways: Different DOES NOT mean bad or negative. Every single one of us on earth is unique and different. Similar experience, interest, beliefs, and backgrounds make us connect and become closer. Never stop finding what you want, what’s best for you, and creating your unique experience of life.

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