About Student Mentorship Program

4 out of 5 low-income college students fails to attain a bachelor's degree by their mid 20s. We are working to change that.

Health 4 humanity student Mentorship program envision a country where all students have the support they need to graduate from college and lead productive lives.

Through our student mentorship program base on a mission to enhance professional development of youth so they can do what they love and good at. College students can conveniently be collaborated with mentors from diverse industries and professions to mentor them to achieving their academic and career goals.

Students from various Colleges and Counting!

More than 66% of our students are low-income, 60% are minorities, and nearly half are first generation college students.

Professionals from all industries. Retirees and professional serve as mentors to budding college students and help build the workforce and community of tommorrow. Mentors enhance their leadership, communication, and coaching skills while making a profound difference in a young person’s life

Mentors are highly flexible and convenient to work with. Our students choose how they want to convene their discussion online, by phone or in person.

Want to join as a student to be mentored?