If you want to improve your communication, social, and people skills, increase your self-confident and self-esteem, not feeling sad, anxious, frustrated, hopeless or helpless, have an additional support and guidance on what to do next regarding your current struggles, learn some great tips on how to feel better, happier, and more fulfilled. Ask me a question or leave me a message. I’m here for you to empower and inspire you to get what you want in life!


Testimonials From Previous Clients

“My weekly visits with Cindy became a small time in my week I’d looked forward to. Often overwhelmed by my emotions and thoughts I’d find myself buried in doubt and anger. My closest relationship suffered from my insecurities and my self-confidence depleted from negative thoughts. My time shared with Cindy was a reminder to self comfort and be present. She helped strengthen my relationship by teaching me how to move forward and choose happiness.” — Brenda(30) & Chris(37)

“Honestly, I first met with Cindy out of obligation rather than desire.  Yet, her professionalism, incite, and overall calming presence made all future meetings a welcomed addition to the week and vital in improving the communication between my partner and I.” –Brenda(30) & Chris(37)

“Cindy has helped me in ways beyond words.  After a very destructive relationship ended and my best friend passed away within two months, I was having difficulty moving forward. Cindy helped me re-realize who I am.  She helped me calibrate my perception of what had happened, who I am and how people see me. I have refocused my life with Cindy’s help.  I have gone to therapy before, with little success.  I only tried it again, because I felt I had no other option.  I think people go to therapy for answers and don’t usually get them.  Cindy was able to guide me through the process of getting the answers.  There was little wasted time or process, she was very efficient and insightful. In the end it comes down to the individual doing the work, but a therapist that can help that process.  Time is valuable and therapy can save you years of time.  I wish I had gone sooner.” — Mike (47)

“Last year, Cindy was my daughter’s therapist. She was understanding and always listened. While she was counseling my daughter, she also counseled me and we had family counseling as well. Cindy helped my daughter a lot and I’m always grateful to her. My counseling was also successful and I will always be grateful to Cindy. I’d also like to say Cindy is a great therapist. Thank you very much.” — Sylvia(54) & Serena(16)

“My session with Cindy was very helpful. I went in talking about issues at home and how to deal with them. The conversation ends up so relaxing that at the end I couldn’t believe one and a half hour went by so fast. Cindy was a good listener and none-judgmental. She gave me her perspective and I realized what I have overlooked before. I can tell she is very smart, caring and really gave me some valuable advice to how to deal with other people. These guidance can set you in the right direction, and session with Cindy has done just that for me. ” — Iris (40)