A program that would change your life and future.

Together We Continue Growing and Connecting

An online youth career development program that is specifically designed during the pandemic situation so youth around the nation can continue to learn, connect and grow simply from home no matter where you are. Browse around to learn more about our upcoming online seminars and networking events! Your growth and satisfactions are what motivate us to keep doing what we are doing!


Something you don’t learn from textbooks or schools.

Multiple Professionals

Guest speakers from various fields who share their unique stories and teach you the skillsets and knowledge that would benefit you long-term.

Real-Time Knowledge

We teach you updated information that you could use in the real world. You get to tell us what you want to learn and we will provide those to you.

Build the Right Network

Meet and get to know other like-minded youth, young professionals and guest speakers to build the right networks across the nation before graduation.

No Geographic Limitation

You can attend our seminars anywhere in the world with internet access. We care about your safety, growth, happiness, and satisfactions.

College Preparation Series

Get the college you want!

Do you know what criteria to look for when choosing the right college and major for yourself? Are there schools you want to apply but don’t know how to write a professional application and essay? Do you feel nervous and anxious about going to college or sometimes have a hard time adjusting to a new environment? Our 4 weeks College Preparation Series is here to assist, support, and answer any questions you have regarding the information you need to know and tasks you need to get done in order to get into the college/universities you want. 


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Week 1
How to choose the right college/major?

Believe it or not, choosing the right school and major for yourself would have a great influence on your overall experience, time, effort, and future. The last thing you want is to spend time in a school/major and then found out that is not something you want.


Week 2
How to speak&write professionally?

The way you speak and write tells a lot about yourself. Our professionals are here to teach you how to do it more appealing and professionally. Our goal is to assist you to pass the school interviews, present a memorable application/essay, and/or get the internship you want.

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Week 3
How to find the right internships?

Getting hands-on experience and the right experience is so important that they enhance your skills and knowledge; help you to find personal preference; broaden your views and experience; lead you to more opportunities/jobs and the right career path.

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Week 4
How to pick the right class and get the most out of school?

We guide you to choose what matches with your major, professional development, and personal interest. We train you to think outside of the box for researching, brainstorming, and exploring the resources that you can take advantage of.

Career Preparation & Soft Skill Series

Enhance skillsets for long-term achievements!

Do you know what skills schools and companies care about the most? Do you know what soft skills can benefit you in the long run no matter what you do and where you go? Base on our market survey, we have invited top school admissions and professionals to teach you the most popular topics that are chosen by most youth in the nation. You can also let us know what you want to learn and we will teach you.


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Week 1
How to present yourself professionally?

Learning how to present yourself professionally in various settings will definitely benefit you in the long-run. You will learn how to leave a good impression in 10 seconds and in 10 months. Include: 

  • Presentation skills (hand/body gesture, eye-contact, voice, tone) 
  • Personal image (makeup, hair, clothing, personalized style, the proper way to sit, walk, and stand)
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Week 2
How to enhance your leadership skills?

Almost every career and job position prefer someone with leadership skills. If you can lead yourself, you are not far from leading others. This week we will share what you can do on a daily basis to enhance your confidence, leadership skills, and communication skills.

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Week 3
How to better manage your time and stress?

Do you often feel time is not enough or very stress about upcoming test, assignments, and deadlines? Here we will teach you how to get 80% of the things done when only using 20% of your time; how to set priorities; how to build effective time management habits, how to best balance everything in life and not feel stressful or overwhelm.

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Week 4
How to manage your savings effectively?

Same as manage and invest in oneself, knowing how to manage and invest in your money effectively is something very important to learn sooner than later. Building the right habit and mindset on money management not only can decrease a lot of your stress, but also can lead you to independence and freedom.


Be The Best, Learn From The Best

Learn from the World's leading thought leaders, authors, healers, and activists, all on the mission - to raise human consciousness


Admission Counselor


Life Coach


Professor, LMFT


Emotional Health Coach, Researcher


Director of Brand & Communication Design


Entrepreneur & Co-founder of HEART Program

Monthly Networking Events

What is more important than textbook information and soft skills? The answer is having the right network of friends and mentors. Through our once a month networking event, you get to meet and know other youths, young professionals and mentors. You both might share the same location area, major, personal interest, or even similar career path and goals. We would have different group and team activities to break the ice and have you to interact with multiple attendees.

Come broaden your circle and views! You won’t regret.


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Be A Sponsor/Partner

We welcome nonprofits, organizations, companies, schools, associations, or clubs to sponsor our program and/or partner together to serve more youth nationally and globally.

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Be A Speaker/Mentor

If you are passionate about youth education and specialized in some of the topics/areas, contact us today with your bio to share your experience and knowledge with our next generation. 

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Be A Donor

As a nonprofit organization, we welcome and appreciate any amount of your support to maintain our program as well as the overall operation. Together we can do more!

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Be A Volunteer

Wether you are a youth, experienced professional, or retired individual, if you like what we are doing and want to help out or make it better, we welcome you to join us and to share your unique talents/expereince. 

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