4/9/17 San Jose- How to Listen and Communicate Better in Relationship and Social settings


“The event is very well organized with the right amount of time.”

“Comfortable setting, the engagement, and snacks.”

“I love the small group session activities and the interaction with others.”

“Role playing is an excellent opportunity for people to display creativity sharing.”

3/19/17 SF-How to listen and communicate better in all settings

“It’s a great event, the timing, and the interaction is pretty good. Thank you so much!”

“I love the role play with specific scenario which perfectly help to explain the points.”

“I really like the exercise of listening without interrupting and the role play of different settings, it helps me reflect on what I did wrong on daily communication and how to improve it.”

3/5/17 San Jose-How To Get And Maintain The Relationship You Want

“It was personal and people were able to open up and be vulnerable to topic of uncertainties.”

“2 hours is a good length. Very nice space. Good questions to guests.”

“The setting is comfortable, as well as the snacks and the drinks.”

“Glad to hear both man and women’s point in a marriage, and was well organized.”

2/19/17 San Jose-How to make a good impression in 15 seconds in all settings


“It was interactive, has allowed me to learn a lot of good concept on social behavior, and helped me to step out of my normal comfort zone.”

“Tole playing was good exercise & funny moments. Nice space.”

“The role play was useful in putting ideas into practice, and the critic was great!”

2/12/17 San Jose-如何在15秒内给对方留下好的印象

“Good vibe, topic, ice-breaking games, and role play!”

“You have a good topic and interaction.”

“The venue is nice, modern, and nicely decorated. Good presentation”

1/13/17  San Jose-Finding The Right Match


7/3/2016 San Diego-Love, Search, and Support” online coaching webinar with Mina Cz and Corry Lang