San Francisco, CA.

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Cindy is the founder of Health 4 Humanity Inc. She has received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration (double major in marketing and international business) from Wichita State University in 2009; is one of the top graduates from a 5-months coaching-leadership training program in 2012; and has received her Master of Art in Individual, Couple and Family Therapy from California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego in 2015. Cindy has seen hundreds of clients with different family backgrounds, economic status, ethnicities, ages in diverse settings (individuals, couples, families) for personal coaching and counseling for various issues:

Anxiety (social anxiety) and Stress Management (Individual counseling)

Depression (Individual counseling)

Communication and Social skills improvement (Individual counseling)

Low self-esteem/confident (Individual counseling)

Midlife crisis (Individual/Couple’s counseling)

Substance Abuse/Additions (Individual/Couple’s counseling)

Infidelity or Relationship improvement (Couple’s counseling)

Parenting skills improvements (Family counseling)

Adolescence struggles (Family counseling)

Cross-generation misunderstanding (Family counseling)

Cindy has tremendous amount of passion on personal-growth, -empowerment, and -development that she believes we are the designers of our own life and destiny. Any negative and unhealthy patterns or cycles are breakable by using the right technique and by having enough will-power. Any childhood wounds are heal-able by change of mindset, beliefs, and self-love. Her goal is to empower and inspire as many people as possible so that YOU to get what YOU want in life (career, health, relationship). ❤️💕

很高兴并欢迎您阅读我的自我简介。很多人都会问我为什么要离开之前舒舒服服的政府的心理咨询工作而自己创业呢。我的答案是: 学心理咨询的很少,中国人学心理咨询的更少。我想以轻松活跃的一对一,演讲,网络课程及活动的形式帮助社会上更多的华裔同胞提升并突破自我,走出忧虑焦虑,找到并得到自己想要的人生(身体,情感,事业,家庭)。由于受到几千年亚洲文化,信仰与理念的影响,大部分人都有着“我若需要帮助一定是因为我有病”,“没事我去找咨询师干嘛”,“家丑不可外扬”的信念。日积月累,当真正出现大问题的时候开始慌了手脚,不知找谁才好。最近几年一次次的有志青年自杀事件令我觉得更有走出办公室,宣传心理健康的必要。您的阅读,留言,反馈与参与能给我带来更大的动力以帮助更多的华裔人民。谢谢光临~

I was born in Jiangxi, China, studied abroad in an island called Palau at age 16, and then attended university in Kansas at age 18 and has lived in the U.S. since then. I have traveled around the world and have a great understanding of different culture, beliefs, dynamics, patterns, and key reasons for most struggles/frustrations. I love everyday learning, experiencing, and implementing love, patient, and understanding toward others and different scenarios. I’m very good at listening to your unique story, understanding your past and current struggles, and then guiding/supporting you to figure out what you truly want in life as well as your strength and weakness. I will then walk with you step by step to breakthrough the old patterns and beliefs so that you will have a personal-breakthrough and be more satisfied, happy, and fulfilled.

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